Career guidance work with students

During the year, a lot of work on career guidance with students in grades 9 to help each child choose the right profession in life. 
According to the plan of educational work in 2019-2020 academic year for pupils of the 9th classes conversations and actions on career guidance and labor education are planned. In February, a meeting will be held for parents and students in grades 9 with the invitation of representatives of the city's colleges for an explanatory conversation about the professions studied in their schools. On each vacation in city colleges the next professional tests where our pupils can be convinced visually of the correct choice of future profession will be carried out. 
Educators Abildina and Omarova UM this year twice a week are study circles, guidance practitioners where acquaint children with skills needed we have in the city. 
School psychologist sametova DM during the school year with students in grades 8-9h will continue to work on diagnosing students for aptitude: will conduct a survey, testing methods J.Of Holland and L. Jovaisa to determine the choice of future profession.
During the year, work will continue on career guidance with students of all classes according to the plan of the boarding school.
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