How to raise interest in learning of our children.

Дата: 2019-09-30 11:46:52
 how to raise interest in learning of our children.
"What kind of children are born, it does not depend on anyone, but that they become good through proper education is in our power»
The education of our children is something that accompanies your life for a long time, dear parents, and in which you necessarily participate. Let us remember with what joy the children came to school. How many hopes, how many happy expectations were associated with studying in families! But, alas, not all of them came true, and for some guys the teaching turned into a heavy duty
 It is necessary to constantly support the child, discuss with him the difficulties, successes, relationships with teachers, classmates. I am glad that the students of grades 5-9 noted Your support, but a few students responded quite strangely- "no", "normal", "Yes, beat".
Everyone has learning abilities. The child needs support, sometimes help in difficult topics, encouragement for success, a sense of responsibility for the lack of results.
Teaching-the leading activity of students; its task-the assimilation of knowledge and skills, promoting diverse education and development of students. Without learning it is impossible to master other activities, work, art, sports. Therefore, all parents really want their children to study successfully, grow inquisitive, read a lot, showed perseverance in school. In the family, it is necessary to help the teenager in the assimilation and application of skills and abilities of educational work. The task of adults is not to extinguish the desire of a teenager to learn. In practice, it is often possible to meet with the fact that parents do not contribute to the development of persistent interests in learning. They laugh at them when they fail, and instead of building their confidence, they give them the wrong idea of what they can do. The fact is that many people believe that if a person has abilities, they will quickly manifest without much effort on his part. Of course, this sometimes happens, but in the vast majority of cases, significant results a person achieves only through hard and long work. Recently the number of complaints of parents began to grow that nothing is interesting to their children that to them all "to a bulb". It is striking that the lack of interests of their children are usually concerned about active parents, sparing no time and effort to make a list of the best books, get an aquarium, record the child in a hard-to-reach circle. This hyperreactivity of parents, paradoxically, is often one of the main reasons for the lack of genuine interests of children to study. Here are some tips to help you dear parents show interest in learning.
1. Find something praiseworthy in the child. The child, self-confident, everything turns out. Self-esteem is the main thing that inspires a child to succeed, and the sooner you help him to find this feeling, the better.
2. Not scold, and teach! If you put together all the comments that make children, the proportion of negative assessments will be very high. Often they humiliate the child: "What are you stupid!", "Have you that, brains not work?"And your child may, in the end, believe all the words said to him by an adult in a fit of anger.
3. Evaluate your children's strengths. We often want to make a child what we like MIME, not listening to his own opinion and self-esteem. It is important to ask the child: "What do you like to do? What do you do with pleasure? What are you good at?"His answers can reveal to us such abilities of the child about which we did not suspect earlier.
4 Develop your child's self-confidence. If the child is afraid of something, it is necessary to mentally play with him the parts of the action that cause fear, creating confidence in the ability to overcome the individual stages of this action. Positive self-perception increases self-esteem, which in turn contributes to success. A well-done job allows you to evaluate yourself even higher, which leads to even greater success.
5.Remind your child of his successes. You can also invite your child to imagine and draw pictures of future awards and prizes that he will win
 Never forget that parenting is a long process Involving support, encouragement, and hard work.
There are many reasons for the "unsuccessful" educational activities of children. Only you can find out these reasons, find a way to get rid of them. And there is no single rule for all and for all occasions. Every child is unique, and our relationship with him is unique. You know your child better, love him more than anyone else, it is easy for you to "feel" him, look at the world through his eyes.
If in the process of education, the child learns the idea that he is good, and everything he does is also good, and if someone is dissatisfied with him, it is only carping at him and nothing more, in this case, begin to rebuild their relationship with the child and pay special attention to the development of his skills of control and proper self - esteem.
You, the people closest to him, will definitely succeed. In any case, remember that there is no child in the life of any psychological, behavioral abnormalities that are not associated in one way or another with the characteristics of the family surrounding its adults, their feelings, actions. Maybe you should look at yourself and change.