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We welcome you on our site which is going to be a connecting link in our communication. The educational system of Balkhash city is a scope of cooperating structures. The network of the educational organizations includes: 4 innovative schools, 12 comprehensive schools, 2 boarding schools, evening school. As the public state municipal establishments the Art school, the Students’ Palace , 14 kindergartens operates in city. Further

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«Ынтымақ» өнер-білім орталығының ұйымдастыруымен І Республикалық «Жасай бер, жаса-Елордам!» онлайн конкурс - Новости и материалы. жаңалықтар
14 шілдеде Алматы қаласы, «Ынтымақ» өнер-білім орталығының ұйымдастыруымен І Республикал…
Балқаш қаласы Өнер мектебінің оқушылары жобаның жеңімпаздары болуымен шын жүректен құттықтаймыз!!! Б - Новости и материалы. жаңалықтар
Балқаш қаласы Өнер мектебінің оқушылары Кеңес Салтанатты (дәстүрлі ән), Төлеухан Алуаны (хореография…
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Безопасное лето - 2020:3.08.2020, 12:43
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Author: КГУ "Общеобразовательная санаторная школа-интернат № 2 имени М.П. Русакова"
News:31.07.2020, 11:03
Author: КГУ "Общеобразовательная санаторная школа-интернат № 2 имени М.П. Русакова"
News:31.07.2020, 11:00
Author: КГУ "Общеобразовательная санаторная школа-интернат № 2 имени М.П. Русакова"
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Author: Школа-гимназия№7
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The republican charitable action "Road to school" has started from the first of July to the thirtieth of August.
Хабарландыру 23.07.2020, 01:10
Хабарландыру 20.06.2020, 12:54
Информация о готовности проведения ЕНТ по г. Балхаш
the Last bell rang in 13 educational organizations of the city for 307 pupils of 11th grades
Congratulation of G. Agdarbekova, Head of the Department of Education of the City of Balkhash, on Ch...
May 31 is the memory day of victims of political repressions
At the regional webinar in online mode on May 27, 2020, the Taşolpan kindergarten’s methodologist,
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Students palace: Онлайн "Марафон благодарности"

Date: 3.08.2020, 17:10
С 30 июля по 2 августа 2020 года досуговым центром «Балауса-2020» КГКП «Дворец школьников» был проведен онлайн «Марафон благодарности».

Children preschool institution “Kunshuak”: Жемқорлыққа жол жоқ! Скажи Коррупции "НЕТ!"

Date: 3.08.2020, 14:08
Жемқорлыққа жол жоқ!  Скажи Коррупции
Азаматтық белсенділігіңді арттыр! Прояви свою гражданскую позицию!

Children preschool institution “Kunshuak”: Департамент по ЧС Карагандинской области настоятельно рекомендует:

Date: 3.08.2020, 13:58
Департамент по ЧС Карагандинской области настоятельно рекомендует:
К сожалению, в последнее время мы все чаще становимся свидетелями череды несчастных случаев, связанных с детьми.

Students palace: Онлайн танцевальный марафон

Date: 3.08.2020, 10:48
Онлайн танцевальный марафон
Онлайн танцевальный марафон

Students palace: Итоги конкурса коллажей "Мода и здоровье"

Date: 3.08.2020, 10:46
Итоги конкурса коллажей
Итоги конкурса коллажей "Мода и здоровье"

Students palace: Дистанционный кинофестиваль «За кадром кадр»

Date: 3.08.2020, 10:44
Дистанционный кинофестиваль «За кадром кадр»
Дистанционный кинофестиваль «За кадром кадр»

Boarding-school №2: Action-challenge "Protect yourself - put on a mask!" ...

Date: 31.07.2020, 11:10
Pupils of our school support the challenge "Protect yourself - put on a mask!", Organized by the Committee for the Protection of Children's Rights of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Masks are an effective means of preventing airborne infections. Wearing masks is necessary to protect both yourself and those around you. “The COVID-19 epidemic spares no one, neither the young nor the elderly. Therefore, we must take care of our relatives, especially people of the older gene

Boarding-school №2: A remote film festival "Behind the Scenes"...

Date: 31.07.2020, 11:03
A remote film festival
From 23 to 28 July, the leisure center "Balausa-2020" of the State Enterprise "Palace of Schoolchildren" held a remote film festival "Behind the Scenes". The purpose of the film festival is to develop the creative potential of children, skills in script writing, video filming and editing, and identifying gifted and talented children. The winners were determined in two nominations. In the nomination "Film" the student of our school Tolegen Ainaz took the third place.

Boarding-school №2: Remote reading game "Reading on a chain" ...

Date: 31.07.2020, 11:00
Remote reading game
In order to popularize the spiritual heritage of the great thinker Abai, broaden the horizons of students, expand the vocabulary, on July 21-24, 2020, the summer health center "Balausa-2020" organized a remote reading game "Reading in a Chain". Pupils of grades 1-8 of city schools recited excerpts from Abai Kunanbaev's poem "Summer" and presented videos. Both our students Tolegen Ainaz and Amangali Zhanel were awarded the 1st place in different age categories.

Boarding-school №2: Virtual creative workshop "Decorative painting" ...

Date: 31.07.2020, 10:57
Virtual creative workshop
In order to develop children's creative abilities and spiritual values, the Balausa-2020 leisure center of the Schoolchildren's Palace was organized a virtual creative workshop "Decorative painting". In the workshop, the guys worked on painting table plates. The participants put their imagination and creativity into their works, applying all their skills and skills of arts and crafts. Summing up the results of the creative workshop, the best works were awarded. The work of our student Shakirova Aruzhan was