Information KSU " secondary boarding school of the General type of the city of Balkhash»

Дата: 2019-02-21 14:51:57


KSU "school-boarding General type of Balkhash town»

         From 6 to 16 February 2019 in OSIOT held a campaign "Happy childhood!". Within the framework of the campaign, the following activities were held with students:

  • Cool hours on the theme " Teenager and the street. Youth subcultures", " Responsibility. Self-rating. Self-checking.", "Smoking, alcohol and law and order."
  • Decorated stands "for you, parents!"with information on the prevention of offenses and crimes among minors.
  • Medical hours, lectures with doctors school " what can lead to bad habits?»
  • Watching videos "Children and the street", "administrative and criminal liability of minors".
  • Legal education for parents on the topic "Causes and prevention of cruelty and violence among minors", "Current sites of minors".
  • RAID actions for the purpose of prevention of manifestation of cruelty to minors, check of housing and living conditions.
  • Sporting events "We are for healthy lifestyle!»