Information on the decade " Safe school»

Information on the decade " Safe school»
KSU "school-boarding General type of Balkhash»
Held school-wide lineup for the holding of the Republican decade"Ouest Bilim ordasy". Students were acquainted with the goals and objectives of the decade and the work plan.
Safety lessons "every citizen Knows this number-101" held for students in grades 5-7. Children once again fixed the rules of conduct in case of fire and fire prevention.
The ABC of safety "on the safe road". Students 3-4 classes repeated the rules of traffic rules, played the situation on the roads and drew conclusions, how to behave.
Drawing competition "Safe street". Children depicted in their drawings traffic rules. The best works were evaluated and presented at the school exhibition of drawings.
Parents 'meeting" for a safe childhood." Parents are warned for the responsibility and safety of their children. Also acquainted with the objectives of the decade.
         23-24. 09. 19.
Action "Children in the night city". Carrying out RAID actions on streets of the village, for the purpose of identification of the children who are not covered by training or being at night vremyavne at home without accompanying adults. 25 raids on apartments and houses of pupils are carried out. They included dysfunctional families, residential yards, shops.
         Information about the decade is available on the school's website.
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