Information about preparation for UNT -2014

Дата: 2014-04-30 08:40:47


The united national testing is one of the important components of the external independent estimation of results of educational activity of schools.

Balkhash took the 6th place among the cities and areas of region by results of UNT last year. The average grade made up 76,2, 1 grade lower in comparison with 2012.

Results of UNT-2013 were considered at the enlarged meeting in akim`s of town presence and they were analyzed at the meetings of directors, teachers` meetings of schools.

Plan of the activities on preparation of pupils for UNT-2014 which included organizational-pedagogical activities, the methodical work, control-analytical activity, psychological preparation was developed and approved takinginto accountthe exposed shortages.

According to akim`s of town assignment a complex of measures on quality improvement of  school subjects teaching and quality of pupils` knowledge was adoptedwithin the framework of implementation of plan:

  • Additional hours of optional lessons were given from the variable part of school component for advanced study of subjects on UNT;
  • The training seminars on level raising of teaching methods were organized by methodical room among teachers of school subject with use of innovation techniques;
  • Information-explanatory work with parents on holding of testing technologies, creation of conditions for successful completion of the final evaluation was activated, recommendations of psychological service of schools were given;
  • Work on organization of trial testing exactingly the detailed analysis of results in all education institutions was carried out;

There is a map of individual route for each pupil where test results, the made mistakes on subjects by pupil and work on their elimination are observed.


Accounts of school directors on implementation of measures on preparation for UNT were heard at the meetings in the department according to results of each quarter. School parents’ meetings were held with participation of workers from the education department where results of trial testing in the way of each subject were considered in detail; issues were raised about parents` responsibility on reviewal of progress and attendance optional, additional, individual classes, organized on the basis of schools and resource centers.

The enlarged meeting was held by deputy akim of town with participation of heads of education institutions, deputies’ directors of IW on preparation of pupils of the 11th form for UNT-2014 in March of the current year. Analysis on results of trial testing for the first half year was carried out, pupils` progress of leavers` classes was analyzed, and assignments were given on activization of work on improvement of knowledge quality at the meeting. At last contingent of pupils ofthe 11th form makes up 315 persons (2013-261) in 2013-2014 school years. Database of school-leavers was formed who will pass UNT; subject of choice was defined bythe 25th of April.

           276 school-leavers will take part in UNT, it makes up 87,6 % (2013-86,5%) it is 1,1%per cent more in comparison with 2013 this year.

           39 pupils (2013-35) expressed their desire to pass the final assessment in the form of exam.

           Applicants for receiving of badge “Altyn belgi” are 3 (12); for certificate with honoursare 3 (1). More 130 comprehensive tests were held at comprehensive secondary schools at the end of the third quarter.

The average grade made up 78 on the 20th of March. Increase of the average grade is observed according to results of monthly monitoring (a table is attached).
2 town trial tests on test tasks were held on the basis of point with training methods of answer sheets filling and right planning of time in each subject with the aim of school-leavers` adaptation to conditions of testing approximate to format of the basic UNT.

The average grade on five subjects makes up 74,4 grades on the 29th of March; 80,7 grades on the 26th of April  .

15 school-leavers did not reach threshold level (50 grades) on five subjects. These students were from: SS №1-2, SS №4-2, SS №6-1, SG№7-6, SS №8-3, BS №2-1.

Pupils from lyceum №2, SS№15 of three applicants for badge “Altyn belgi” corroborated their knowledge. Pupil of secondary school №4 didn`t score one point on subject of history of Kazakhstan.

Pupil from lyceum №2of 3 applicantsshows well results for certificate with honours, a pupil from town gymnasium didn`t score one pointon subject of mathematics, pupil of SS №15 on subject of history of Kazakhstan.

The revealed problematic issues are worked through by teachers of school subjects with applicants.

It is planned holding of two trial testing in May.

Point on holding of UNT is located at school-gymnasium №7 named after S.Seifullin.School-leavers` testing from Balkhash town, Priozersk, the southern part of Aktogai area are organizedon its basis.

Readiness of pointis 100% per cent in accordance with Rules of testingtoday. The center is equipped with video surveillance cameras (24pcs), air-conditioners (8pcs), mobile phones suppressors (6pcs), and arched metal detector (1pcs).

6 main rooms, 2 reserve rooms, cabinet for representatives’ work of the state commission of MES RK and medical post are ready.

There is a place for parents ' waiting in the school grounds: bencheswith sheds (6pcs), informational stands (2pcs).

Transmission from 6 classrooms will be realized for parents through monitor with the purpose of course transparency of holding of UNT during days of testing.

Boarding-school №2 is prepared for accommodation and meals of 60 pupils from other towns and 11 accompanying persons. There is block with bedrooms, living rooms and study rooms for preparation for testing there.

            Sayak settlement (9 pupils and 2 accompanying persons),

Priozersk town (25 pupils and 5 accompanying persons),

Aktogay area (26 pupils and 4 accompanying persons).

Question of school-leavers` preparation for UNT-2014 is a topical, it is under control of

the Department of education and administration of school.