Information on condition of prevention and struggle against crimes in respect of minors

  There are 2 areas in the system of preventive activity of schools: measures of general prevention ensuring drawing of all pupils into school life, and measures of special prevention consisting in detection of pupils who need special pedagogical attention and work with them at the individual level.

         Securing of chiefs-tutors from pedagogical staff for problem teenagers who are registered in GJP DIA is practiced in the educational organizations. At present 7 inspectors of GJP APS DIA work at schools, it influence positively on prevention of crime among pupils.

         The raid events in the public places of town, entertainment institutions, flats and computer clubs: “Children in the night town”, “The group”, “The night time”, “Holidays” and others are held regularly with the aim of crimes, offences and neglect prevention among minors.

         A question on 100 percent of inclusion of pupils of “risk group” with health rest, labor and sport during holiday period is under a special control. Altogether, 43 pupils are on the books of GJP, 51 pupils are on intraschool account. The mechanism on prevention of offences during holiday time and exclusion of growth of teenager crimes was worked by each school together with their secured inspectors. The special attention on the part of pedagogical and parental community will be paid to prevention of the worst forms of exploitation of children labour.

         Also, local developments in the town is carried out weekly on Fridays, besides, minors and problem families which are on the books of GJP, assembly places of teenagers are checked according to place residence, household rounds are carried out.

         Parents are made administrative answerable according to the article 127 of CRKonAO for  non-compliance with parental duties on upbringing and training of their minor children. The work on deprivation of parents from parental rights is carried out with prosecutor’s office and the department of guardianship and trusteeship in relation to parents who avoid upbringing malignantly, which have a bad influence on behavior and health of minor children.