Information about organization of recreation, leisure and employment of children in period of summer holidays 2014.

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Organization of summer rest, recreation, employment of children and teenagers is under constant control of akimat, department of education, and heads of state structures.

Resolution of town akimat №19/06 “About organization of summer health-improving activities among children and teenagers in 2014” was adopted on the 24th of April with aim of realization of timely preparation for summer health-improving season.

The department of educationmade a plan of activities for organization of summer rest, health improvement of children in country, school camps and grounds, and program of summer fifth labor term of pupils was approved .

            Meeting was held with participation of school directors, administrative staff of school and country camps according to plan on the basis of Pupils` Palace on the 11th of April this year.

  • The main specialist of management on protection of consumers- M.S. Musina.;
  • engineer of department of state anti-fire control- D.V.Gridnev;
  • senior inspector of DIA- K.A.Kudyshev;
  • head of water-rescue station- D.Zh.Kuanbaev

spoke at the meeting.

Explanations on normative legal acts for organization of opening and holding of summer campaign were given in the course of meeting.

            The preliminaryexplanatory work is carried on by pedagogical collectives of schools with the aim of ensuring of the most complete inclusion of children and teenagers by different forms of health improvement, employment, and creative development, prevention of neglect and offences in period of summer holidays. Apartments are visited and individual conversations with parents about children`s involvement to active recreation are made.The work on children`s invitation who finished kindergartens, located near schools for organized recreation in school camps is carried on.

Database was made on organization of summer holiday of children “group of risk”, who are on the books in GAM. 108 children belongs to this category today.

            It is planned workof school camps in 3 shifts with full-day stay, with total inclusion of 3684 children and summer grounds without meals for pupils of the 5th -8th  forms with total inclusion of 2432 children on the basis of 19 comprehensive secondary schools from the 1st of June to 31st of July.

            Cost of voucher in school camp will make up on average from 6000-8000 tenge. Parents` contributions will be distributed to organization of balanced three meals a day and entertainments.

1835children will visit camps of profile areas during three summer months, such as:

  • Leisure center “Balausa” at Pupils` Palace on artistic and aesthetic area (1235 children)
  • Ecological group “Bolashak” at boarding school №2 on area of environmental patrol (225 children);
  • Youth center “Re-active” at CSS№17 on legal general compulsory education with holding of town actions for pupils of middle level (315 children);
  • School of the gifted children “Intellect” at town gymnasium on preparation for project activities among pupils of the 6th -10th forms (60 children);
  • Summerschool subjects for pupils of the 4th -10th forms.

Work of the fifth summer labor quarter will be organized with the aim of formation of a civic stand, labor employment of children. Formation of groups is in progress on improvement of school territories, green patrols, repair crews at the present time.

It is planned to opentwo health camps “Zhas Kanat” and “Fakel” of CLR "Kazakhmys Corporation".

The health camp “Zhas Kanat” with a rated capacity of 250 seats is transferred to the Department of education free of charge for two years. 27,3 million tenge from LB  was given for its keeping this year. Cost of voucherwill makes up 4500 tenge.

More 1500 pupils, workers` children of budget organizations, “Kazakhmys” corporation, children from low-income, large families and children without parental care will rest and improve their health in Bektauata hole, in summer.

Cash assets were given children from unprotected segments of peoplefor acquisition of vouchers to both suburban and school camps, summer clothes and shoes from fund of General compulsory education within the framework of the action "Summer and children".

Work on selection of cadres to suburban camps is carried on according to staff list.

A project of memorandum about mutual cooperation with PPE “The fighting brotherhood”, “Asker”, “We choose chess” , “We choose football” on organization of military-sports events during summer holidays  is developed by the center “Zhaz-2014” working on the basis of Pupils` Palace.

Organizationof summer holiday is always controlled for children and teenagers.
The received recommendations from Ministry of education and science, Department of education, Department for protection of children's rights on organization of summer rest will be taken for work and correction of plans.

Point on holding of UNT is located at school-gymnasium №7 named after S.Seifullin.School-leavers` testing from Balkhash town, Priozersk, the southern part of Aktogai area are organizedon its basis.

Readiness of pointis 100% per cent in accordance with Rules of testingtoday. The center is equipped with video surveillance cameras (24pcs), air-conditioners (8pcs), mobile phones suppressors (6pcs), and arched metal detector (1pcs).

6 main rooms, 2 reserve rooms, cabinet for representatives’ work of the state commission of MES RK and medical post are ready.

There is a place for parents ' waiting in the school grounds: bencheswith sheds (6pcs), informational stands (2pcs).

Transmission from 6 classrooms will be realized for parents through monitor with the purpose of course transparency of holding of UNT during days of testing.

Boarding-school №2 is prepared for accommodation and meals of 60 pupils from other towns and 11 accompanying persons. There is block with bedrooms, living rooms and study rooms for preparation for testing there.

            Sayak settlement (9 pupils and 2 accompanying persons),

Priozersk town (25 pupils and 5 accompanying persons),

Aktogay area (26 pupils and 4 accompanying persons).

Question of school-leavers` preparation for UNT-2014 is a topical, it is under control of

the Department of education and administration of school.