Anti-virus, anti-virus programs

Anti-virus, anti-virus programs
Antivirus (antivirus), antivirus programs
Antivirus is a tool to protect your computer from viruses, spyware, malware, hacker attacks and unauthorized access in order to steal important personal information or covert (invisible to the user) computer management.
The absence of valuable information on the hard drive is not a good reason to abandon the organization of anti-virus protection. Computer viruses interfere with the normal functioning of windows and installed programs, which create significant problems for the user, infect flash drives, e-mail, other PCs on the local network. The activity of viruses can so damage the system files that the operating system will stop running. In the future, you will regret that you have not downloaded an antivirus and have not protected your computer and your personal data.
Have you ever wondered how to send spam email? Everyone knows that it is illegal and for sending spam faces a fine or imprisonment. Hackers create botnets from infected "zombie" computers, which are used for mass distribution of spam, DDoS attacks and other illegal activities. People may not even know that their PCs are being used by attackers. And then they need to prove their innocence that without their knowledge spam was sent. What is the reason for this situation? Because the owners are not worried about anti-virus protection. Even worse, if hackers break into someone through a remote machine, unsuspecting user from his IP address.
Install free antivirus does not cause any financial costs. I can offer you free avast free antivirus and avira Free antivirus. The antivirus software updates the virus database, scan files on the disk and removable media (CD and DVD disks, flash drives), scan URL links and attachments of e-mails, and more automatically.
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