The Balkhash 80 years!

Balkhash is native cradle

As we know from history, until October 1917 Balkhash did not appear on any geographical map. He was not famous neither as a city nor as some kind of settlement and was called simply the Bay ", Bertis" lake Balkhash.

The history of the city of Balkhash, which is located in the heart of Northern Balkhash begins in 1928, when the geologists of the expedition Rusakov gathered the material intelligence Konietzko hills. The beginning of the development Konietzko the field was a prerequisite for the construction of the Balkhash mining and metallurgical combine, which became the flagship of the ferrous metallurgy of the USSR and Kazakhstan.
11апреля 1937 by the Decree of the Presidium of the CEC Kazakh SSR Pribalkhashstroy village transformed into a town. The construction of the city and the factory was carried out in severe climatic conditions. but people motivated by a common desire as quickly as possible to enact an industrial giant.
 24 November 1938 is considered to be the birthday of the Balkhash mining and metallurgical combine. The ingot of the first Balkhash copper is kept in Moscow, in the Museum of the Revolution. This ingot is the symbol of labour heroism, the symbol of a lasting international friendship of all people, who managed in difficult conditions to build the Balkhash copper giant, completely refuting the predictions of some bourgeois "seers" about the failure of "another Bolshevik idea".
Today the city of Balkhash occupies an area of 5,9 thousand square kilometers, a population of 73.5 thousand people. In the administrative subordination of the city are Konyrat, Sayak, Gulshat.
The city is home to representatives of more than 60 nationalities. The multinationality of the city due to the fact that the construction of the Balkhash at the time, people thronged from all over the Soviet Union. In addition, in 30-40 years, the region was a place of deportation of repressed peoples. Here was stationed notorious Steplag. Now in its place are monuments to the victims of Stalinist totalitarianism.
The main city-forming enterprise remains "Balkhashtsvetmet" LLP "Corporation "Kazakhmys", which occupies a leading position in the world production of copper. The city's industry is also represented JSC "NF machinig plant" – plant processing non-ferrous metals, which produces color rental.
Every year develops and strengthens the city's small and medium business.
Developed social infrastructure: schools, kindergartens, medical institutions, lyceums, colleges, Institute. Cultural leisure organizes a recreation center of metallurgists. Khamzina, a Museum, a centralized library system. For those who want to play sports: stadium "metallurg" sports complex "bars", swimming pool, water sports station, parachuting club.
However, the basis of the entire socio-economic power of the city are all the same people. They its huge intellectual and labor potential could be worthy of the glory of the city. We live 5 Heroes of the Soviet Union, 11 of Heroes of Socialist Labour, 24 State prize of the USSR.
Balkhash is a city-worker, city of friendship, city of glory. Balkhash remains a reliable pillar in the socio-economic development of the region and the country. It will grow, prosper and increase the wealth of our state.
In the desert built our city.
It's name –Balkhash.
Here good people live.
 And alive all around.

Flowers, trees and gardens-
That's a dream come true.
Gives plant metal country
In order to improve life on earth.

Live, earth, and multiply!
Beautiful be our native land.
Under the sky of peace we live in.
All the troubles will go together.
And all we wish from the heart:
Open hearts big love.

Each city has its history, its past. Balkhash is the brainchild of socialist five-year plans, only a little more than seventy years have passed since the beginning of its construction – one of the largest industrial centers to be built in Kazakhstan during the years of Soviet power.
Exploration of the Balkhash started in 1928 by the geological prospecting work, headed by engineer-geologist M. P. Rusakov. After the survey work on the Kounrad field expedition came to the conclusion that there are abundant reserves of copper ore, on their base it is possible to build a copper smelter. That is why the directives on the second five-year plan was: to accelerate the construction of Balkhash copper giant.
From all over the Soviet Union began to arrive to the Balkhash workers, peasants to recruit volunteers from among Communists and Komsomol members, whole villages moved to the construction site Kazakhs - cattlemen.
Construction of Balkhash town was conducted in difficult climatic conditions of semi-desert, far away from industrial centres and Railways. First deliveries to the construction site were delivered by cartage – on camels and horses. Another way of transportation of goods was laid on the Balkhash lake from the pier, Burla-tube from the Bay of Bertys. In 1935, in the fall, was put in temporary operation, the railroad Karaganda – Balkhash. Began construction of the plant.
1936 is considered the beginning of the year reversal of construction of the main shops and industrial units of the copper giant. Heroic time gave birth to heroes. Everyone who worked here, were moved by one common desire – as quickly as possible to put into operation industrial complex. At huge building hand in hand worked Kazakhs, Russians, Belarusians, Ukrainians, Tatars, Armenians and others.
In March 1938 came the start-up period, and on November 24 issued the first draft of the Balkhash copper. Capital construction on the territory of the city began with 1934. It was preceded by the establishment for a relatively short period of temporary settlements, consisting of reed huts. At the same time developing the construction of the Kounrad mine is the main raw material base of copper smelting plant. In the course of construction works of the property has been refurbishment and expansion.
The most intense events and the commissioning of facilities impact of construction was 1937-1938. In February 1937 opened the first cinema "Drummer", in July – the first bus lines. On March 1, 1937 turbogenerator Balkhash thermal power station has given an industrial current, and in November of the same year, CHP was put into operation.
Open on the eve of the great Patriotic war lead-zinc and molybdenum deposits Gulshad and East Kounrad formed the basis for the creation of new objects, supplying the front with defensive products. In 1941 the plant was evacuated Kolchuginsky factory on processing of nonferrous metals.
The idea of greening the city arose at the very beginning of the design of the plant. In 1935 in Balkhash was held visiting session of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, which determined the place for the Botanical garden with a greenhouse (100 hectares) in the Bay of Torgalyk. In 1939, work began on development of the first hectares of garden, landscaping of Balkhash town was conducted by the saplings. Conducted research work on acclimatization of plants. This not only allowed us to achieve great diversity in landscaping cities and towns, but also opened the Balkhash way of gardening and horticulture, which previously could not be considered.
Big reconstruction of the plant began in 1958. By this time it consisted of 25 plants. Some of them equal in power to independent plants.
Since the beginning of 1971 came into operation Saxci mine. In 1985 commissioned a unique installation - MLB – melting in the liquid bath. Its advantage is high efficiency, saving fuel, increasing the concentration of sulfur dioxide for the production of sulfuric acid, the ability to extract metal from poor ores. Production efficiency has increased significantly after the completion of the second phase of MLB, especially after reconstruction of the Vanyukov furnace in 1999. Now active on bgmc unique copper-smelting complex.
In 1996, the first copper wire in the shop of a wire enamel. 30 Aug 1997 the first gold ingot and granular silver dragmetallov plant. 07.02.1997 year on the basis of a property complex "Balkhashmys" is a structural division of Corporation Kazakhmys Balkhash mining and metallurgical plant.
In October 2003 were introduced zinc plant.
Of course, Balkhash is primarily a plant. But the city, the copper giant – the handiwork of the builders. It is no exaggeration to say that of the young cities of Kazakhstan Balkhash – one of the most beautiful.
11 APR 1937 decision of the CEC of Kazakh SSR settlement Pribalkhashstroy was transformed into the city of Balkhash. For the original architectural and planning solution of building and improvement of the Balkhash 1976 awarded the state prize of the USSR Council of Ministers.
Every year changed the face of the city, very beautiful Balkhash lake, its borders were moved apart, increasing the number of residents. In April 1987, for the successes achieved by the workers in economic and cultural development, their contribution to the fight against fascist invaders during the great Patriotic war, the city of Balkhash was awarded the order of Friendship of peoples.
The great merit there is in this and Balkhash fishermen. In 1930 began the industrial rybovodstvo on the lake, which was created 17 fisheries. At the same time on the North shore of the reservoir reorganized rybzavod Burubaital, and in 1931 from the Far East to Balkhash was relocated three fishing collective farms: "Achievement", "Posyet" and "New way". During the war years evacuated in Balkhash equipment cannery Mariupol (Ukraine), and by February 1943 was released the first batch of canned fish. To this day, Balkhash fish production is appreciated and loved not only the vastness of our country, but also abroad.

Balkhash town consists of happy owners of their own artistic annals – the history reflected in artists ' canvas. From the very beginning of construction of the young giant of the industry, in the 30s, it worked well known master of painting, which captured in his works of his first steps. The city was not marked on the map of the USSR, and the place where he started to build the plant, already became property of the Soviet art anthology.
One of the first local artists of that time who visited Balkhash and reflected in their works the construction of the future flagship of the ferrous metallurgy was Yuri A. Zaitsev – famous Russian artist. More than 50 works, paintings, drawings and sketches dedicated to Balastro, was presented at his personal exhibition. Among the most famous "Balkhash motive," "Girl from Burlyu-Tyube", "Harbour in bertys Bay" and others.
Like any city in the world, the Balkhash lake is proud of its residents, workers, heroes of war and labor. Their memory lives in the hearts of citizens, in names of streets, enterprises and organizations of the city. The heroism and courage of the six Heroes of the Soviet Union. Asfandiarov, P. Miller, O. Shcherbakova, V. khoruzhey, N. Podsednik, "Khalyk Kaharmany" R. Koshkarbaev, two full Cavaliers of the order of "Glory" P. Kalmykov and V. Spitsyn glorified Balkhash far beyond the region.
Defended Stalingrad, not sparing lives, Akhmetov Yusup, Slesarenko, Alexander - a former Secretary of Balkhash town Committee of Komsomol, N. Terletsky, Rudenko, Bychenko.
Forever in the annals of the defense of Leningrad remained Ore - the commander of the regiment 860 310 rifle division, V. Spitsyn, D. Franco, K. Karibekov, scout W. yusim, M. Alimzhanov.
With tears in his eyes celebrated the Victory citizens come down to Berlin – member of the Finnish front Vladimir Gromov, the gunner, the Narmanbetov Kulzhanov, trooper Karlyn Grigoryants, partisan Konstantin Menshov, tank Jaguar Akbergenov.
The great Victory, a feat thousands of heroes of the labor front, the enthusiastic pioneers, who studied on the course, mastered the technological scheme, winning the hunger and misery, who knew neither rest nor peace of mind. It Samokhvalov A., Matvienko N. In. Volkov I. T., Y. K. Pobedonostsev, Swadesh Yu. N., Kadyrzhanov, K., Ismagulov, B., Gorodetsky, M. I., Pessin J. J. and others.
A heavy burden fell on the shoulders of fragile women. During the war, only for copper plant came to work 2875 women. Loaders reverberatory furnaces steel Postnikova, Kuznetsova, Gurin, operators of steam locomotives – Shirakawa, Kozlov. Many women became heads: Chairman of the Executive Committee worked Perebinos A. S., Secretary of the Komsomol Evdokia Ivanova, head of the shift of the leading shops Klimova, Starodubtseva. In the difficult days of the war he started his career as hero of Socialist labor N. G. Chekushina, J. Beisov, the knights of the order of Lenin and Love Bulanchikova, Nadezhda Bushueva, laureate of the State prize – ismagoulov Bagasi. Komsomol - youth brigade V. Komarova, Kanata Kalibekova, Chinarbek Baytemirova, I Bitieva worked, regardless of any adversities. Our countryman Shashubay sang of heroes of the front and rear. The creative work of military years connected with the performance before the people, was not an easy thing for an 80 year Shashubay. But the angered bard song was considered as weapons of war, considered himself fought in the battlefield with the enemy of the people:

"I am a bullet, I'm a bomb, I tank,
I ore, I the Treasury, I am a giant"
His poems sounded like the call.
The youth of Balkhash tremblingly protects and continues the glorious traditions of the older generation. The whole world glorified our city the Olympic champion on Boxing, the winner of the Cup of Barker Vasily Zhirov.
Citizens love their city, its shady avenues in the parks, the sound of the surf, emerald-turquoise color of the lake, hot sunshine and a cloudless blue sky. And not to love the city – worker, city of metallurgists and builders, doctors and teachers that occurred 75 years ago in the wilderness, the labor of the people, the city where he studied and worked as a pilot - cosmonaut V. Lonchakov, Opera singer E. Epanechnikov, a virtuoso of playing the dombra, a master of shertpe-kui, honored artist of the Kazakh SSR M. Khamzin, akyn Shashubay, etc., the City in which profit of more than 30 nationalities and has roots here, has made a miracle in the semi-desert steppe for a short time erected a giant of the coloured metallurgy and beautiful, compact city is simply impossible not to love. After all, Balkhash is a unique monument erected by the founders in extremely difficult conditions of 30-40 –ies of XX century.