Art department

Dance club «City dance»



Head: Solodovnikova Olga Aleksandrovna 


   Dance clubs for children offer a variety of dance styles. And it doesn’t matter what dances your child likes - in any case, he will gain plasticity, flexibility and beauty. Dance can make beautiful any person. And, of course, the child will become unfettered and more than once will become a star of a school disco.



Dance club «Aiyala»

Head: Zamzina Aida Oraltaiyevna  

         The program of the circle provides training in the classical and modern directions in dance. Lesson choreography will help members of the group to open up, to feel his body, to use plastic to express his emotions and feelings. The program of training is based on classical and folk dance, staging other folk dances and dances of the peoples of the world.




Circle "Inspiration"


Head: Islyamgaliev Tabuldu Safievich 


Under the conditions of modern general computerization, the “Inspiration” circle, where they learn to play the guitar, becomes very relevant, as it allows to distract the child from the aggressive information environment that surrounds it. Live communication with friends, introduction to musical culture, listening to musical works develops creative abilities, the general culture of the individual, taking into account the individual characteristics of the child. Musical creativity also contributes to the organization of meaningful leisure.