Historical information about school creation


of high comprehensive school No. 4


     The school opened in 1938, during a quarter "A", it took place at a house No. 8 entrance on Tompiyev St.

        In December, 1939 the school moved to the new building for a quarter of "B" (Karamende Bi Street, now there is School of arts). At new school – 10 spacious cool rooms, well equipped offices of chemistry and physics. In two changes more than 600 pupils were trained.

       In 1940 our school became average. For the first time in it the 8th class was organized.

     In 1965 chiefs of Pribalkhashstroy trust presented the pupil the new building of school down the street the World where the school is and now.





Sartakov Ivan Nikiforovich (1937-1939)

was the first principal No. 4.

At it passed school formation.



Orleanskaya Anastasia Pavlovna.

I was initiator and the inspirer of many traditions who were put those far 1939-1943.


Rutenberg Ida Iosifovna.

In 1944 she achieved assignment to school of the status of average. In teaching at school involves teachers from school No. 1 and technical school. At school there are first medallists.


Tishchenko Ekaterina Emelyanovna.

In the years of its work the school gets the status of the average female. To school there arrives young replenishment of teachers of the first post-war release. The uniform school uniform for girls is approved.


Blekher Maya Abramovna.

In the years of its work methodical sections are created.

Communication of school with production develops.

Under its management the school passes to the new building.


Li Valentin Ivanovich.

"Rigid" head. Aspired to that years of the doctrine, years of the childhood and youth became for each pupil a point of support on all subsequent life. The school shows good results on the Olympic Games.


Pakhomenko Vera Fiodorovna.

Enthusiasm for work, organization in any business, unusual diligence drew to it attention of colleagues, pupils, parents. Subject circles work. Work on mentoring is conducted.


Novakovich Polina Yakovlevna.

In the years of its work experience of the advanced teachers was actively generalized. The museum of formation of the city of Balkhash is open, the rich material on school stories is built. The shooting gallery is constructed.


Korobeynikova Lyudmila Alekseevna.

Work on strengthening of educational material resources and technical equipment was priority in its administrative activity. The new shape is got by subject offices, a facade of the building and a schoolyard. 



Gurova Lyudmila Petrovna.

Person tolerance. Able always and everywhere to create favorable psychological climate.




Manatayeva Panarya Tishbekovna






Storozhko Irina Dmitriyevna






   Frolova Irina Viktorovna


Since September 2016, Frolova Irina Viktorovna is the director of KSU "OСSh No. 4 of Balkhash".Pedagogical experience - 30 years.The activities of the school’s teaching staff are structured according tothe regulatinggoverning activities of organizations of secondary education in the Republic of Kazakhstan.The team headed by her works under the Development Program of the Leading School “School of Partnership, Creativity and Development”.A development team has been established from among certified teachers of level courses, which provides conditions for creating a collaborative environment, monitors changes, and evaluates changes ofthe educational process.The main results of the work are in the involvement of each pupilstothe learning process and continuous professional development of each teacher.Irina Viktorovna is able to create a favorable psychological climate in the team.Haspersonal qualities: justice, self-control, diligence. He has a badge "Excellence in Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan" for successful performance in the educational process.