If your child is aggressive

• Love and accept the child for what it is.

• Eliminate all forms of aggressive behavior among relatives, remembering always that the child imitates what, for what used to watch.

• Presenting a child their demands, did not take into account their wishes and its capabilities.

• Teach your child the right to communicate with peers and adults.

• Expand the horizons of the child.

• Include the child in joint activities, emphasizing its importance in the executable.

• Ignore the lung manifestations of aggressiveness of the child, do not fix it for the attention of others

• Set a strict prohibition on child aggression. Try to understand the causes of protest and resistance of the child, and avoid them.


Need to deal with aggression:


• Patience. This is the greatest virtue, which alone can be a parent.

• explanation. Explain to your child why his behavior is wrong, but be very brief.

• Distraction. Try to offer your child something more attractive than what on6 trying to do.

• slowness. Do not rush to punish the child. Wait until the action again.

• Rewards. If you praise a child for good behavior, rather than regard it as normal, then this alone will awaken in him the desire to once again hear your praise.