Dubirbekova Karlygash Shakarimovna was born on July 17, 1969 in Shetsk district of Karaganda region. She graduated the boarding school №3 of Shasubai village (Priozer district). She graduated the historical department of the State Pedagogical Institute after Abai in 1995.

Her labour way was begun from appointment of senior leader in Agadyr district.

1995-1997 – teacher of history, Balkhash Mining – Metallurgical college;

1997-1999 – post of director’s deputy on educational work, secondary school №7 after S.Seifullin;

199-2002 – deputy of director on scientific and methodical work,secondary school №7 after S.Seifullin;

2007-2008 – director of secondary school №16 of linguistic direction;

September of 2008 – appointment for post of director of secondary school №15, which was built by the state program of Leader of nation N.A.Nazarbaev “100 schools – 100 hospitals”.

In a short time K.Sh. Dubirbekovahas successfullyformed a great teaching staff of the school, has strengthened the material-technical base, worked hard to create the image of the school. She is distinguished with dedication, hard work, innate sense of tact to the surrounding people, high civil activity, which is an example for all staff. School under her leadership, has achieved considerable results for  contribution to the education and upbringing of the younger generation:

2000 – Grateful letter of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

2002 - Grateful letter of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

2009 - Diploma of the Traffic Police Department of Karaganda region;

2009. – Grateful letter of the social fund "Anshіbalapan";

2010 - Diploma of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

2010 - "School of the Year - 2010" Diploma of the I degree;

2010. –Grateful letter of the College afterA.Musin;

Laudable diploma of the Town department of Education, Physical Education andSport of Balkhash town "For outstanding achievements in the subject Olympiad ";

2010 – Certificate of the International Project "Education without borders" ;

2010 - Certificate by the Program Intel « Education for the Future" ;

2010 –Grateful letter, the Republican CLR" Gulstan ";

2010 - Karaganda Regional Institute of Training and retraining of state employees and workers of education, seminar - training "Understanding the experience of resource centers of Karaganda region" , the Certificate ;

2010 - Diploma of the festival «Rimini Fest 2010";

2010 - Grateful Letter of KSTU;

2010 - Grateful Letter ofSocial Fund of Almaty city;

2010 - Grateful Letter of Kazakh State University after Al -Farabi;

2010 - Grateful Letter ofthe Town Department of Education and Sport, the Schoolchildren's Palace;

2011 - e-gov « Electronic government and electronic services", Certificate;

2011 - Grateful Letter of the Regional Headquarters of Support of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

2011 - Grateful Letter of the Karaganda Regional Institute of Training and retraining of state employees and workers of education;

2011 - Grateful Letter of the MES of the RK, the Management of Education of Karaganda region, the University of "Bolashak" of Karaganda city;

2011 - Diploma of the I degree, the nomination "The best team by the results of subject Olympiad of 2011," the Town Department of Education and Sport of Balkhash town;

2011 - Grateful Letter,Management of Emergency of Balkhash town;

2011 – the  Regional seminar "National School - the center of spirituality", the seminar was held on high level , the material was included into the book "The National School - Center of Spirituality", which was devoted  to the 20thanniversary of the Independence Day, Karaganda, 2011;

2011 – the seminar "The introduction of distance learning" in online mode, which was held in conjunction with the pupils of 11thgrade and teachers of the KSUafterBuketovwithin the Day of school  - 2011;

2011 –the seminar "Perspectives and conditions of realization the innovations in Kazakhstan" in online mode with Canada (Karaganda - Kostanay - Canada - Kazakhstan);

2011. - Webinar - the lesson "Informational technologies", Canada- Kazakhstan;

2011 –the seminar - coaching, Canada-Kazakhstan;

2011  - Republican online - seminar, Almaty;

2011 -the I scientific and practical conference "Changing of the content of education as a major factor of the formation, development and education of spiritual and moral personality".

-         By the results of the past 46thtown subject Olympiad the team of our school won the I place among comprehensive schools in 2011-2012.

-         KarlygashShakarimovna took part in the competition “Uzdikbilimberumenedzheri” and became owner of the nomination “Strategist - Manager of the regional level” in 2011-2012.

- The best teachers were entered in​to the republican Book of Honor "Heart, which was given to children."

- the regional Olympiad "Young teacher, psychologist, educator" –the I place in 2011

- K.Sh.Dubirbekova was awarded with thecertificate of Honorof the regional branch of "NurOtan" for carrying out the implementation of informative activities on propaganda ofChairman’smaterials of "NurOtan" of President NursultanNazarbayev and for active participation in the socio - political life of the region.

- K.Sh.Dubirbekova wasawardedwith Akim’scertificate of Honorof Karaganda region for their contribution into the formation of new Kazakh society and for its individual creativity.

- K.Sh.Dubirbekovawas awardedwith the certificatefor taking part in the competition in the field of Education and Science for Akim’sPrize of Karaganda regionin 2012.

- K.Sh.Dubirbekova took part in the VII Republican festival of innovative and pedagogical ideasin the same year, which was organized by the republican scientific and practical center "Daryn", Almaty, 2012.

- Experience was summarized in the materials of the international scientific and practical conference "The content of secondary education: traditions and changes" Astana, 2012.

- By the results of the UNTour school came out with an average mark of – 93, 14 pupils entered received the state grants in 2012.

- the school was awarded the diploma of the first degree in the nomination " The Best School"at the end of the year in 2012.

- Training and introduction of the innovative international project "Education without borders", "Pedagogy of the 21st century" Moreal, Canada into the learning process was become the effective.

2012-2013 academic years were successful for the students. Participating in town subject Olympiad, the CSS№15tookthe I place.

- 13 students of the CSS №15 were participants of the I International scientific and practical conference "Science and Life" and were awarded with diplomas and certificates. Almaty, 2013

- bythe results of the UNT the students of the school received 11 grants for entering into universities in the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2013, (average mark -97) ......

-theCSS №15 came out repeatedly nominated for the prize and the diploma of the first degree "Best School" in 2012-2013.

- the second international conference "New theory and practice of improving teachers of Asia" was conducted in Kirchunyain 2013. The director of the schoolK.Sh.Dubirbekovacame out with her materials about experience of the school and was awarded with diploma of the first degree.

- Participating in the scientific and practical conference "Oshpesruh", with the assistance of the international Kazakhcreative Union under the leadership of President A.A.Nurmanov in activities which K.Sh.Dubirbekova made an important contribution on propaganda of life and work of the great commander Abylaikhan and was awarded with the Medal "300 years to Abylai khan " and with certificate.

- The winner of the regional level of the first republicanand pedagogical reading "Increasing of the professionalgrowth of teachers - guarantor of qualitative education at school" with the presentation of the certificate of the EMC of Karaganda toher.

- The continuation of this seminar was in Almaty city, whereK.Sh.Dubirbekovaalso took part, and for profitable work was awarded with the certificate of JSC "Orleu", Almaty, 2013.

- She was awarded with the Certificate of Honor for the qualitative and out-of-order training of pupil of the republican Olympiad on history of Kazakhstan.