Дата: 2019-02-20 16:04:10
In order to improve the quality of knowledge of students in grades 5 – 9, on the implementation of the regional project "Aikyn" conducted subject diagnostics in the period 30.01.2019-05.02.2009 in our boarding school was tested. A total of 5-9 grade tested 99 students.
The project "Aikyn" is carried out to monitor the quality of students ' knowledge and mobile awareness of parents about the assimilation of the program material of the main subjects.
At the end of each quarter of the children will be tested: the test is designed to determine how well the program was mastered in the main subjects. Students began to regularly test to determine the level of functional literacy. According to the results of the test, teachers and parents could draw conclusions and determine what each particular student needs to be tightened.
Four times a year, students will show what really learned in the classroom. Moreover, the results of testing will not affect the quarter marks. Access to the test results are not only teachers and school management, but also students and their parents.