Prevention Council for the prevention of juvenile delinquency and crime

Дата: 2019-02-07 16:42:53
26.01.2019 at 09.00 o'clock the Council of prevention on prevention of offenses and crimes among minors took place.
Acting Director of the Kazakhstan A. S.
Miroshnichenko N. S. - Chairman, Deputy Director of BP.
Members of the Commission:
Knysh S. S.-senior teacher
Saduakasova Zh. S. - social pedagogue
Kasymzhanova A. K. – inspector OVD GUIP Balkhash
Agibaev A. J. – homeroom teacher of class 9B
1. Work with students who have missed classes for disrespectful reasons. Responsible: Deputy Director on educational work, methodical.With.
2. Analysis of the behavior of students who violate discipline in school and commit offenses:
Duper Evgenia, student 1bklassa(documents)
Shirokorad Vladik, student of 8b class(IIN)
Abeuova Manshuk, student of 9b class(IIN)
Kenbaeva Daria, a student of class 9B (IIN)
Boris Zenkov, a student of class 2B (documents)
Repchenko Vladislav, student of 6B class (the late)
Kalambekova Aisha, a student of class 2A (late)
United Carina, a student of class 4A (the late)
Igor Nikulin, student 5Бкласса (gaps)
Konstantin Savelov, student of 6B class (behavior)
Pechenkin Sergei, a student 9Бкласса (gaps)
The Council Diamond, Ayaulym, the students of 3A, 7A class (the blanks)
Kurusai Manas, Aida, the pupils of 6A class 7A (the delay)
Kataev Michael, Vitaly, Nikitina Tatiana, Violetta, students 1B, 2B,3B, 4B class (late)
Orysbai Merey, a student of class 1A (gaps)