Information on holding a national parental meeting "An educated nation - the quality of learning and family values" School № 3 Konyrat From 15/05/2018

Information on holding a national parental meeting

At the national parental meeting, 60 parents were present. The agenda of the meeting included the following issues:

        1) "Successes of the Year": achievements of the education system of the republic, region, school - school principal Omarova AS

2) Realization of the program "Ruhani zharyrou" as the basis for the education of schoolchildren - deputy to the VR Bondar IV

3) Final certification of trainees and the results of the academic year - UR Dobrovanova OG

4) Digitalization of the educational process - Deputy for Informatization Moskovkina NB

5) The activities of the school's guardianship councils and the strengthening of the interaction between the family and the school - the deputy to the VR Bondar I.V.

 Each issue was addressed by the school administration. On all the topics were presented videos and presentations with photographic materials.







Date: 16.05.2018, 9:40 Author: School №3