"Author of patrons. Is it ten cubits? "

1. The suppression of allegations. It is a very scary sight. More and more are used by the author.
Walker: If the host is always angry, as long as he is in a good position, every child will be aborted - this is the authoritative suppression. The same kind of terrorism is in danger everywhere. The ten is intimidating the child, doing the null of being, only to be whispers. No nephew does not justify the fact that the little girl is full of old babysitters, ten babies and a human craziness, and at the same time absorbs the haughtiness. From scratches and puzzles, children leave or slyakotnye, nikchomnye people, or samodur, all over the life of the stomach for the suppressed detest.
2. The Authority of Dating.
Walker: There are so many parents who are trying to get the kids to talk about, so they want to go out of their way, sometimes in the video head. Regularly, the authoritative does not care about it. The infants are inexorable, and they have to go into contact with the coffin.
3. The author of chvanistics. (Chyngshan - the glitter of ghosts) It is a vivid picture of the distortion of the author, more virtuous.
Walker: Some parents think that they are the most important and I would like to do this every time. Blond, like in parenting parents, begin to chvanitsya and children. The evil kids are getting worse in the team, just as friendly as they are.
4. The Authority is a pedagogy. (Pedantism - an inquisitive formalism)
Source: In this case parents breastfeed more and more work, they work much, but work as a bureaucrat. They are convinced that in each case, children should be able to hear the parental word, which is what their words are. Distillation is a cold tone, and it is a law.
Author of Resonance. (Resoner is a person who loves laughing)
SUMMER: The patriarchs are inferior to their childhood with infinite knowledge and with emphasis. Parents are assured that this is the main pedagogical finesse in the lectures. In a very small family this is a pleasure and a smile. Once the children are dismissed from their parenthood, and in this kind of relationship can not be intertwined with children and parenthoods.
6. The author of the love. The supreme authority is the authoritative.
Walker: Many parents have been kidnapped to help their parents, so that they can enjoy this love, and never give up on their own parenting love. This is how the family has ever died in the mood of sentimentality and unconventional feelings that no one else has ever dropped. Here is the Semitic egoism. It is a very bad sight of the authorities. The twelfth declines the syllable and the lazy egoists. Particularly sooner or later they will be raised by parents.
7. The Author's Dignity.
Walker: The breeders are embracing the role of a good angel. They are all exposed, they are sold, and they are wonderful. Very nice kids in this kind of family start with commanding parent. It is not a bad idea.
8. Authority of subchup.
Walker: Many parenting associates a "cherished beast" with unadulterated repatriation of material affluence. No need to take advantage of the fact that it creates a sense of self-esteem, selfishness, a needlemanship, or pleasure, or a dissatisfied person, or a crippled discipline, with the public demands.
Outcome: The Authority is not in the family. The sensitive authority is based on the citizenship of your citizenship, your citizenship is yours, your life as a parent, and our dedication to your responsibility.
Stroke in hospice presupposes the comprehension of the parenting requirement, with the help of which it is possible to develop.
In the name of the elder daughter of the seniors, VA Sukhomlinskii saw "... in the absence of breeders to use the parent of the parish; in the volume that is the way to get out, and the misery of the child, who is suppressing her voodoo. Parenting is supposed to be a pleasure, to give it a good reputation, to give it a blessing. It is a great blessing to every kid, and with the help of his own tool - the parent of the valley, you have to go straight to the boat to make another trash to the trick. If you or your foolish parents are desperate, you will be drowning in the despotic mood - an inexplicable desire to break up, and it will be the worst thing that a baby can be born. Do not worry about having a baby jerk, give her a duel of her soul, or abuse her own dignity. Do not worry, what is your criticism, Vasha, a girl or a human being like you? "
What kind of a parent 's authorship should I have?
1.Attleness of parenting babies in the eyes - this is all right to say hello to babies to tell the truth of the birthday of a parent as it is a bit of a morsel. True, the children are still in the tomb, even though their parents have told them that they can not live up to theirs, or that they will not be able to.
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