School feeding

Information about organization of pupils` food at

comprehensive secondary schools

        Organization of rational nutrition of pupils during time of staying at school is one of the key factors of maintenance of their health and effectiveness of training. The proper school diet acquires a special importance.

    Organization of main course of pupils is realized by tenants of school canteen IE winning a competition for delivery of services on organization of diet (in accordance with RNRK№127 from March 3, 2014) at 17 town comprehensive schools in 2017.

     Balance of diet is taken care. Fresh confectionery, rolls and buns, fruit juices and hot tea are on regular sale in the canteen. Assortment and quality of canteen production and main course are controlled by quality control commission regularly. The program of diet vitaminization is realized.

  The canteen is provided with sanitary-hygienic safety of diet. The sanitary requirements for condition of kitchen are observed.

  The regular control for conditions of a kitchen and quality of diet are realized on the part of administration of school, parents’ committees.

   The plan of events on propaganda of healthy diet was developed and approved for forming of habits of pupils at all town schools; its aim was provision children with quality diet, forming of a proper diet culture.